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'A 16th century fortress located between the ponds of Salses and the Corbières "

1 minute from the restaurant, the fortress of Salses is THE must visit. As a teenager it was our secret hiding place , we didn't realize we had a magnificent fortress as a playground ... All the info and access to their site here

forteresse de salses le chateau.jpg


This is the ideal place for a stroll after a good meal at the Restaurant Pizzeria of the Fort de Salses! 5 minutes by car from the restaurant, the Salses pond is perfect for a walk with the children. You will come across fishermen's huts mixed with locals' huts, there is even one classified as a historic monument! This is the place where we meet with family, friends, it's a parenthesis in time, our little paradise ...

Here you will find the route to get there.

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"The Memorial of Camp de Rivesaltes, located in the towns of Rivesaltes and Salses-le-Château in the Pyrénées-Orientales in France, pays tribute to people imprisoned or accommodated in this camp at the option of historical events during the second half of the 20th century "

The exhibition on the "Retirada" then the letters of prisoners addressed to their families, found and exhibited, moved us. We must not forget ... It is a visit to be made.

More info here



" Garrieux is a locality of Salses, near the pond. Nowadays it is a hamlet of ten houses, most of which are inhabited. A Romanesque chapel, perfectly preserved, stands under Pines"

Before the Covid crisis, the Salses festival committee organized a great historical show at Pentecost, with costume, sound and light, telling the story of Garrieux which was at the time a large rural Roman estate. We keep our fingers crossed that you too may experience these incredible festivities very soon.

chapelle garrieux salses le chateau.jpg
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